19. Januar 2019

ISO 9001:2015 - Certification



Within the scope of the Quality Management System as outlined under ISO9001:2015 e-flox has been successfully audited and certified in October 2016 by DQS GmbH.

This certificate is valid until February 2019.



IFAT 2018

From 14.05. to 18.05.2018 we participated at the IFAT  trade fair in Munich. 


We are grateful to all who visited our booth.






From 11.06. to 15.06.2018 you found us at the Achema fair in Frankfurt.

We are grateful to all who visited our booth.



Meanwhile fifteen e-flox facilities reduce emissions in France

Since the first e-flox plant in France has started operation in 2014 14 more plants have followed. Most of the plant are related to sites on which agricultural waste is used to produce biomethane. The biomethane is injected into a local grid. The market for biogas ist still growing as the government is pushing sustainable energy. More recently e-flox plants prevent hazardous methane emissions from landfill sites. Two  plants are already in operation and three more plants shall be commissioned till march of 2019. With facilities running in Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Canada, Sweden and France, e-flox proves its competence in international business relations.





Breakthrough in recuperative combustion of LCV gas 

Latest R&D efforts led to improvement of the prized gap flow technology lowering the authotermal combustion point to 1 Vol.% methane in air. This is equivalent to approximately 1,5 Vol.% in CO2. Thus e-flox combustion technology can be considered as an alternative to the established RTO off-gas treatment technology.


German environmental award 2011:

Dr. J.G. Wünning and his father Dr. J.A. Wünning won the  German Environmental Award 2011 for the invention and dissemination of FLOX technology.