23. October 2020

Renewable energy:


Since foundation of e-flox renewable energy systems are our core business. At biogas upgrading plant an landfill sites e-flox plants help to avoid emissions and recover energy for heating purposes. Our technology is based on FLOX® combustion developed by WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH. Together with our new brand “Green Gas Ready” we are committed to green gases like bio gas, bio propane, green hydrogen, and syngases.


Trade fairs / Conferences



The Gasification Summit has been postponed to 2021


The fair trade has been cancelled. Next Pollutec shall be put in 2021. You may contact us directly.


IFAT 2020

 Due to the Corona pandemie the fair trade has been canceled 

International markets


e-flox has entered the Italian market. Near Modena e-flox just comissioned a combustion plant at a bioga upgrading site. With Italy e-flox plants are use in 14 countries to reduce emissions.

New partner for biogas from landfills in Sweden

BIOGAS SYSTEMS offers complete systems for collection and conversion of landfill gas. Thus e-flox is increasing its contribution to reduce climate impact of emissionin Sweden.

Commissioning of biogas conditioning plant Sofielund (Sweden)

Near Stockholm Schmack Carbotech commissioned in 2015 a biogas plant for the conditioning of biogas from organic waste. For this project e-flox contributed a lean-gas combustion unit for the treatment of off-gases coming from a PSA process. The off-gas combustion contributes to cover the heat demand. In addition to that a boiler for peak load directly converts raw gas into a heat output of up to 1 MW. The entire e-flox plant had been factory-assembled and integrated into containers in Germany and thus supplied and delivered as complete units.


e-flox plants are used in France mainly to treat off gases from biogas upgrading plants. Biogas is upgraded to bio methane. Biogas originates from agricultural waste and municipal landfills. The french market for biogas ist still growing as the government pushes sustainable energy. Twenty-two plants are already in operation and more plants are under construction.

Further news


ISO 9001:2015 - Certification



Within the scope of the Quality Management System as outlined under ISO9001:2015 e-flox has been successfully audited and certified in January 2019 as affiliated Company of WS-Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH by DQS GmbH.

This certificate is valid until February 2022.



German environmental award 2011:

Dr. J.G. Wünning and his father Dr. J.A. Wünning won the  German Environmental Award 2011 for the invention and dissemination of FLOX technology.