18. April 2021
Compact LCV combustor

The compact design LCV combustor was originally designed to serve PSA digester gas upgrading systems for municipal biogas or sewags sludge fermenters. It is able to burn up to 100 Nm³/h (NCMH) of LCV gas. For methane concentrations in the LCV gas of 7 Vol% it can burn the gas without auxiliary fuel. Up to 15 Vol% is possible. The detailed design is adopted by varying the size of the integrated gas and air preheaters.

Furthermore the combustor can be combined with a condensing boiler for wate heat utilization, supplying heat for the heating of the fermenters. The pay back period for such a system is surprisingly short, especially when taking into account the ricing fuel prices.  Combustor and boiler can be supplied pre-tested in a 20 feet container.

SGV100 installed

Figure: Containerized LCV combustor for 103 Nm³/h installed in Swizerland