18. April 2021
Modular scalable LCV combustor

This type of LCV combustor is designed for a maximume of flexibility to adapt it the the LCV gas quanity and composition of each project. The size and the number of the burners can bea varied for this purpose. The circular reactor design shown below is good for LCV gas flows of 250-1000 Nm³/h. For even largesr systems we pre-maufactur rectangular combustor sections with 3 or 6 burners each which are then mounted on the construction size. Such a deisgn is goof for several thousands of m³/h LCV gas. The combustor can be shiped togetzer with different types of waste heat boilers. If the system replaces a natural gas of fuel oil boiler the whole system pays back just by avoiding the auciliary fuel costs. Further information can be found in the information sheet in the download section.

SGV 500

Figure: LCV 500 combustor with waste heat uliization